89-Year-Old Woman Touched by Teen Robber’s Honesty Writes Him a Check to Help Pay His Rent

A Massachusetts woman gave a teen charged with armed robbery some unexpected help after she was touched by his words, WCVB reports.

Sylvia Robinson, 89, read about 19-year-old Cameron McCormack’s legal troubles in the local paper.

McCormack was charged with armed robbery after he reportedly used a BB gun to rob a man in December.

Police say McCormack admitted to stealing $26 from the victim.

Police said that McCormack told officers that he robbed the man to help fund his rent.

Robinson, a retired pastor, was touched by the teen’s honesty.

“I thought that maybe this kid just needs to know that somebody cares,” she told WCVB. “Maybe he just needs a shot in the arm.”

Robinson wrote McCormack a $100 check to help pay for his rent.

“We hope he won’t do it again because he knows there are people who care,” she said. “I don’t know him, I just know he’s a young man who could use a little help.”