California is Letting Over 1 Million People With Weed Convictions Get a Clean Slate After Legalization

After California legalized recreational marijuana for all adults, the state is letting people with marijuana convictions get their records expunged, Vice News reports.

Prop 64, which went into effect on January 1, legalized marijuana for all adults over 21. It also allows all past marijuana-related offenses be reduced or entirely expunged.

According to the Drug Policy Alliance, more than 1 million people in California are eligible.

By getting a clean slate, some people will be able to vote, apply for loans or licenses, and be able to check “no” on job applications that ask about criminal convictions.

“It really kind of affected me,” Rayshon Williams told Vice News. “The whole time, they’re not gonna hire you because they see that ‘F’ on your record.”

“With the drastic shift in law enforcement, the new challenge for advocates, legal aid providers, and county public defender’s offices is making all those eligible aware of their new rights,” Vice News reports.