Dog Praised as ‘Real Hometown Hero’ For Helping Save Drowning Elderly Man Who Fell Into Icy Water

A California dog was praised by police as a “hometown hero” after he helped saved a man who fell into the icy waters in Pittsburg, NBC Bay Area reports.

Moe, a 9-year-old Golden Retriever, and his human, Joe Newman, live in a home that overlooks the marina in the Delta.

Early Wednesday morning, Moe’s loud barking woke Joe up and the dog led him to the spot where an elderly man had fallen in the water and was shouting for help.

Thanks to Moe, Joe was able to pull the man out of the marina and possibly saved his life.

The Pittsburg Police Department posted a photo of Moe, praising the pup as a “hero.”

“Early this morning an elderly man slipped and fell into the water while taking his morning walk at the marina,” they wrote on Facebook. “Thanks to our friend and hero below whose barking awoke his owner; and when his owner went to see what all the fuss was about, saw the man struggling in the water. The man was able to be helped from the water and was extremely grateful to his new barking buddy!”