Hairdresser Uses Her Mugshot as Marketing Tool to Boost Her Business After People Praise Her ‘Amazing’ Hair

A woman who started her year being arrested turned her mugshot into a brilliant marketing opportunity, The Charlotte Observer reports.

Shia Yearwood, 24, was charged with violating a domestic protective order in relation to a child custody case.

The Twitter account @CharlotteMugs shared her mugshot and users couldn’t help but notice her hair.

“Okay, but who did her hair?”one user wrote.

Yearwood decided to make the most of it and retweeted the mugshot with the caption, “Can’t hold me back either.”

“I retweeted it because me and my friends were joking between us like I [should] just clown myself before my friends find it and clown me first,” Yearwood told Inside Edition. “That it was beneficial for me because I felt like I look good in my picture.”

Since the post, her business has taken off.

“I got a lot of inquiries about setting up appointments,” she said. “It’s taking off very well. I’ve gotten a lot of support and a lot of great feedback.”

She says she isn’t going to let the arrest get her down.

“I overcame it,” she said. “I am not bad. I am not sad. I wasn’t hurt. Someone tried to break me and it just worked out in my benefit.”