Heartbreaking Video Shows Dog Refuse to Leave Grave of Owner Who Died 4 Months Ago

A 5-year-old Chihuahua in New York is as loyal as it gets.

Theresa and Mike Morini took Delta to visit Theresa’s 86-year-old mother’s grave after she passed away last year. Delta laid down at the gravesite and refused to leave, Inside Edition reports.

“It broke my heart,” Theresa told Inside Edition. “Deta and my mother were inseparable. Wherever my mother went, Deta followed.”

Theresa said that they even smuggled the pup into a hospital when her mother was being treated so she could be with her beloved dog.

She says she brings Delta every time she visit’s her mother’s grave. Every time she does, Delta makes a beeline past the other graves and finds her owner’s gravesite.

“Is my mother’s spirit still here? I don’t know,” Theresa said. “It does bring me comfort and I think it brings her comfort too.”

Watch the video below: