Heartbroken Desperate Father Buys $64K Ad Calling on Police to Reopen Investigation Into Son’s Death

A Wisconsin father spent over $64,000 to buy a full-page ad in the Washington Post to call for police to reopen their investigation into the death of his son, who was killed by officers in 2004, CBS News reports.

Michael Bell bought a $64,259 ad calling for a probe into the death of his son, Michael Jr., arguing that the shooting was not justified.

Police said Michael Bell Jr. was drunk and refused to cooperate when he was pulled over in November 2004. They restrained hi when officer Erich Strausbaugh suddenly cried “He has my gun.”

“He calls out that ‘he has my gun.’ He’s panicked. It was a very high pitched, very emotional voice,” Michael Bell Sr. told CBS News.

Another officer rushed in and shot Bell in the head. Bell died about three hours later.

“Unless you’ve gone through it, it’s a degree of suffering that nobody else can understand,” Bell said.

Three days later the Kenosha police chief ruled the death a “justifiable homicide.”

The Bell family sued the department for “unlawful use of deadly force” and found that the four officers’ stories did not mach those of witness statements or the medical evidence.

The city settled the lawsuit for $1.75 million but Bell was not satisfied.

He hired retired detective Russell Beckman to review the case.

Beckman’s evidence found that Strausbaugh likely got his gun holster caught on a car mirror, which made him think Bell was tugging at his gun.

“The gun comes in contact with the mirror and gets caught in the jacket gap,” Beckman told CBS.

But DA Michael Graveley refuses to open a new investigation.

“I think the simplest explanation here is that officers were candid at the beginning of this process. I hope that officer Strausbaugh would have reported if his holster had been caught,” Graveley told CBS.

Bell is not giving up.

“Nobody understands what it takes to get to this level, to bring this kind of awareness to it,” Bell said. “The best way to describe is that it’s my duty.”