Injured Dog Takes Himself to The Vet and Knocks on The Door For Treatment

An injured dog in Thailand took himself to the vet, Inside Edition reports.

Den, a golden retriever from Bangkok, had injured his eye so he took himself to the entrance of the Petto Street animal clinic and began to scratch at the door.

The vet at the clinic cleaned up Den’s eye and stitched up his eyelid, then popped a cone on his head so he wouldn’t pick at the wound.

The vet said she was certain the dog belonged to someone because he was so well-behaved but the pup did not have a collar or tag.

The vet put Den on a motorcycle and drove him around the neighborhood in hopes someone would claim him but no one did.

Finally, the dog’s owner responded after seeing the photos the vet posted on Facebook.

Apparently the pup had sneaked out of the house and hurt himself in the process.