Justin Bieber Busted For Weed On Private Jet Flight?

Justin Bieber’s weed scandals have continued this year. The singer was accused by a pilot of smoking weed before boarding a private jet. Bieber allegedly smoked weed in an SUV with his friens on the way to the airport. When the doors to the car opened on the tarmac, the pilot said that pot smoke emerged from the car. He described it as “like Cheech and Chong Up In Smoke,” and joked that “I almost had to put on an oxygen mask.”

However, the pilot said Bieber was sufficiently high when boarding the private jet and did not smoke once inside the aircraft. However, several of his friends smoked blunt cigars during the flight, which was legal since the aircraft was private. The pilot reported to TMZ that Bieber was “baked out of his mind” during the trip and appeared confused when asked to sign a credit card authorization for the flight.

Unfortunately for Bieber, he has busted for numerous incidents related to pot smoking this year. The singer’s tour bus was raided twice this year, at the Canadian border last July and in Stockholm last April. Police found pot on the floor of the tour bus in both instances, but no arrests or charges were filed because nobody was in the bus at the time. Because the drugs were also found on the floor of the bus, police were also not able to determine who brought them on board. Only the bus driver in the Canadian bust was issued a citation.

Last January, he was seen photographed smoking something that appeared to be a blunt. Bieber later indirectly apologized for the weed smoking incident during his guest hosting appearances on Saturday Night Live. Many believe that his close friend, aspiring rapper Lil Twist, has been a bad influence on the singer by turning Bieber on to marijuana and other drugs.

Bieber has also displayed other forms of bad behavior throughout the year, including numerous instances of assault.  A former bodyguard accused the singer of punching him in the chest last January, while Bieber’s neighbor accused Bieber of spitting on him in March during a verbal altercation. He was sued by a paparazzi member in June over an alleged assault in a movie theater last year, and Bieber’s security team are currently under investigation for assault, after allegedly roughing up a fan who tried to take a photo of the singer last month.

In March, he tried to attack a photographer in London and was seen bizarrely walking around city streets wearing a gas mask. Earlier this month, he urinated into a mop bucket at a nightclub restaurant and oddly sprayed a photo of Bill Clinton with cleaning liquid while yelling, “F*ck Bill Clinton!”

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