Mom Shot in The Head in Las Vegas Leaves Hospital After ‘Miraculous’ Recovery, Gives Epic Press Conference

A young Arizona mom who was shot in the head in the country’s deadliest mass shooting is leaving the hospital after making what doctors called an “amazing” recovery, AZ Family reports.

Jovanna Calzadillas was shot in the head at the Route 91 Harvest Festival in Las Vegas in October when a gunman killed 58 people and injured hundreds of others.

The bullet went through Jovanna’s brain. Doctors did not expect her to live and advised her husband, Salt River police officer Frank Calzadillas, to take her off life support. Frank says doctors began to talk about donating her organs.

But Frank remained hopeful.

“I had a dream that Jovanna visited me, she hugged me and kissed me and she said, ‘Everything is going to be OK,’ and she walked away. And I called her mom and said, ‘We’re keeping Jovanna alive. She’s going to be alright,'” he said.

Jovanna woke up and was transported to a hospital in Phoenix where she was treated at Barrow Neurological Institute and Select Specialty Hospital.

Dr. Lindsey Bliss said that Jovanna’s outlook was “pretty grim” when she arrived.

“It was unclear if she would recover,” Dr. Bliss said.

Bliss said that thanks to her family’s support, Jovanna was able to “miraculously” recover.

“Their support and her hard work were just something that’s truly memorable. Her progress from the day I first met her [on Oct. 19] is nothing short of miraculous,” he said.

Via AZ Family:

The bullet damaged the area of Jovanna’s brain that controls language. At first, speech was frustrating.

“The first word she said was ‘god d*** it.’ And her dad told her, ‘Mija, don’t say that. You’re supposed to be the miracle child,'” said Frank.

Now Jovanna is learning to walk again. She still uses a wheelchair, but does not plan on being in it for long.

On Thursday, Jan. 25, Jovanna will return home for the first time since she left for Las Vegas. She will immediately begin outpatient rehab.

Jovanna and Frank held a press conference Wednesday. Watch the video below: