New York Woman’s Emotional Support Peacock Not Allowed on United Airlines Flight

A United Airlines passenger wasn’t allowed to take her emotional support peacock on board a flight to Los Angeles over health and safety concerns, CBS News reports.

New York-based photographer Ventiko told CBS that she was flying from Newark Liberty International Airport to LA but her bird, Dexter, was turned away by the airline.

United said in a statement that the peacock did not meet their size and weight guidelines and said the issues had been explained to Ventiko three times “before they arrived at the airport.”

According to reports, Ventiko offered to buy the bird his own plane ticket but the airline balked.

According to Dexter’s Instagram, the peacock is being driven cross-country by his “human friends.”

Ventiko says Dexter “really changed my life in a positive way,” BBC reports.

“I have never left the house without having at least one person react,” she said.