Pit Bull Saves Owners’ Lives After Making Surprising Discovery at Home

A New York couple is praising their well-trained pit bull for saving their lives, KENS 5 reports.

Ruby, a therapy dog, began to continuously bark Thursday, which her owner Roenene Ando said is unlike her.

“Typically, she only barks for one reason, and that’s if someone is at the door,” she said. “That went on for about an hour and a half. I guess I figured at that point something was up she got up and went downstairs. She opened up the gate and was standing down there.”

The Andos immediately smelled carbon monoxide coming from their new propane heater that they had recently set up in the basement.

“Probably, if it weren’t for Ruby, I can’t say. I don’t know,” Ando said.

“Dogs are typically intuitive, I believe that breed is even more so, with all the research I’ve done, and I think that was it, hands down,” she said. “The breed has a bad rap- they are very protective. They are really amazing dogs if they are trained well and kept active.”