SEE IT: Kids Are Obsessed With Cashier Who Looks Like Disney ‘Moana’ Character

Two girls in Hawaii can’t wait to go to Costco with their mom because their favorite cashier looks like their favorite character from their favorite movie, Inside Edition reports.

Rella Rivera says her two daughters are always excited to go to Costco where William Va’ana works because he looks like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s “Moana” character Maui.

“Every time he sees my daughters he yells out to them with a ‘chee hoo!’ and they love it,” Rivera told Inside Edition.

“They bee-lined for Will’s checkout and waited patiently,” Rivera said. “Half his hair was up that day, but normally it’s down and flowing like Maui.”

“When I watched the movie, I didn’t think much about it,” Va’ana said. “But then, you know the kids would catch on and see me in Maui and assume it themselves. So, if they assumed it themselves then I would just play the part.”

Rivera’s daughters aren’t the only ones who think he bears a striking resemblance to Maui. After kids kept asking him to do the “chee hoo” cry, he began doing kids parties as Maui and has already performed at nearly 50.

“I play along with the kids; It’s fine,” Va’ana said. “I am at work. It makes my job easier to play along and just to have a good time with the kids. They are smiling, I am smiling.”

“It’s fun — it’s mainly for the kids,” he added. “I love interacting with kids and making them laugh and making memories.”