SEE IT: Man Surprises Girlfriend With Lupus With Wedding 20 Minutes After Surprise Engagement

She said “yes” when he asked her to marry him, then she found out he meant right now.

Danny Rios, 33, proposed to Nicole Carfagna, 32, in a tent in their backyard in front of their families and friends.

With everyone already in place, Rios surprised Carfagna with a wedding 20 minutes after their engagement. He even had a dress prepared and an ordained minister ready to go.

“I thought he just wanted a minute to be like, ‘Hey, we’re engaged,”’ Carfagna told Today. “Then he said he would like to end the night as husband and wife, but only if you want. I said yes immediately.”

Carfagna was diagnosed with lupus six years ago, which leaves her drained of energy.

“With her condition, I knew there was no way she was going to be able to plan a wedding,” Rios told Today. “When the time came when I knew I was going to propose, (planning a wedding) almost came naturally.”

“I didn’t want to plan a wedding,” Carfagna said. “Stress is my biggest trigger for getting sick. Once he asked me and I said yes, then I completely calmed down.”

Rios had secretly gotten help from both their parents, who set up the tent while he and Carfagna went to Disney World for her birthday. Rios had already taken her mom to pick out her wedding dress. His father got himself ordained online.

“Everything just went perfectly,” Carfagna said. “I was just shocked and happy. I’ve been on cloud nine.”

“It went by so fast,” Rios said. “We woke up the next morning and she was so excited. We were smiling for weeks.”

“I’ve cried a lot,” she said. “So many people who have lupus have been reaching out, saying, ‘You’re giving me hope that I can meet someone.’ If we could inspire anyone, that would make me incredibly happy.”