‘Twilight’ Actress Kristen Stewart Busy With Charity And College

Kristen Stewart has made more money in 15 minutes than most of the world could make in years – and it was all for charity! TheTwilight star was paid $500,000 earlier this year to sit for 15 minutes with a Middle Eastern prince. The huge paycheck came from Stewart merely talking with the man and all of the money was donated to Hurricane Sandy relief efforts. Between her charity endeavors and looking to better herself outside of the acting world, it seems that Stewart has turned over a new leaf in recent months.

The shocking charity news was confirmed by Harvey Weinstein during a discussion following the Toronto International Film Festival screening of 12.12.12, the concert film of last year’s benefit show for Hurricane Sandy relief. However, the Middle Eastern prince has not been revealed and Stewart herself has not publicly commented on the meeting.

After receiving countless negative headlines last summer for her affair with married Snow White and the Huntsman director Rupert Sanders, which took place behind the back of her boyfriend at the time, Robert Pattinson, it seems that Stewart is also thinking about life after acting.  She is currently taking English Literature classes at UCLA and contemplating a life away from the paparazzi. She is currently shooting the movie Camp X-Ray, but will continue to take classes remotely and work towards her degree.

She previously hinted at plans to go to college during last year’s Toronto International Film Festival. “I was always good in school…[and] I never, ever imagined that I wouldn’t go to college, I just got caught up in things,” she explained. “What I knew when I was younger was that I wanted to know that I was going to be really challenged, and I am. I didn’t want to step out of what was already really challenging me

Sources close to Stewart said that her college plans will undoubtedly serve her well in the future. “She is a voracious reader and cannot wait to get going on her correspondence course,” said a source to The Sun. “It won’t be easy and it will mean putting in some fairly strenuous hours. But once she’s graduated, Kristen will be able to do almost anything she wants, in or out of Hollywood.”