VIDEO: Hero Homeless Man Saves Female Police Officer From Violent Suspect; ‘Something Had to Be Done’

A homeless man was hailed as a hero after he was caught on video helping a female police officer arrest a suspect, Fox News reports.

Cray Turmon was captured by surveillance cameras tackling a man who was wrestling with the officer outside a gas station in Columbia, South Carolina.

Video shows the officer order the man to “get on the ground” after she pulls her Taser. The man resists and continues to struggle even after getting shocked.

That’s when Turmon tackled the man.

“She’s a woman slammed to the ground and she’s an officer…I saw her belongings hit the ground,” Turmon told WACH. “She’d done everything she could…It was going to get ugly, ya know? Something had to be done.”

“Someone’s got to stand up. Someone told me if you don’t stand up for something, you’ll fall for anything. So I stood for something yesterday,” he added.

The suspect, 39-year-old Donald Brown, is accused of punching a woman at the gas station and threatening another person with a knife. He is charged with attempted murder, armed robbery, and kidnapping.

Columbia Police Chief Skip Holbrook presented Turmon with a certificate for his “extraordinary actions to preserve life and aid public safety.”