WATCH: Bride and Bridesmaid Surprise Groom With Epic Sexy Dance Routine at Wedding

A professional dancer in Nevada wasn’t going to settle for a regular old wedding dance.

Allison Julian, 35, and her bridesmaids surprised her groom, Scott, with a special choreographed dance during their traditional first wedding dance, Inside Edition reports.

Julian and her friends performed a choreographed routine, including a costume change in which she launched out of her dress, to the song “Bad Bitch” by Bebe Rexha.

“My dress was the inspiration,” she told Inside Edition. “It is a two-piece, a mini dress with a traditional wedding dress on top. So it was perfect.”

She said Scott “loved it” and the video has since gone viral.

“It was supposed to be something for me and my friends and my husband to enjoy,” she said. “I’m happy other people get to enjoy it too, ’cause it was awesome.”

Watch the video below: