WATCH: Doctor Turns Breech Baby That’s Still in the Womb in Stunning Video

A Texas doctor was recorded turning a breech baby who was still in the womb, Inside Edition reports.

Vanessa Fisher, 29, told Inside Edition she tried everything to get her son to turn while he was in the womb after finding out their son was breeched at 28 weeks.

“I think we had a lot of questions and a lot of concerns and a lot of Googling,” Fisher told Inside Edition. “It just sounded intimidating to birth a baby breeched.”

“I would like bounce on [a medicine] ball or do figure 8,” she said. “We would put headphones in my pocket and try to get the baby to try to get curious and try to listen down at the bottom of them. We got out the ironing board and we would plank. I would lie on the ironing board upside down for maybe 20 mins at a time. None of those things worked. He stayed put.”

The couple was referred to Dr. Frederick Cummings.

Cummings tried to turn the baby but the boy wouldn’t budge, so they set up an appointment at 38 weeks to avoid having to have a C-section.

Fisher’s husband Nick recorded the moment Cummings was able to turn the baby in the womb.

“They were just kind of blown away with it, and just the whole visual side of it,” Nick Fisher said. “Obviously is pretty intense and a lot of people apparently have had them, but there’s not many videos out there.”

The couple gave birth to a healthy baby boy named Ashton on January 16.