Westboro Baptist Church Protests Katy Perry! A Look At Their History Of Picketing Musicians

The Westboro Baptist Church seems to have an agenda with the music world. In addition to protesting the Kansas City concert of country singer Vince Gill, the controversial church is setting its sights on Katy Perry! The Westboro Baptist Church tweeted that they will be releasing a video parody of Perry’s hit song “Roar.” Of course, they have reduced similar videos with hate-filled messages that parody songs by Lady Gaga and Rihanna, among others, in addition to protesting outside of numerous concerts this year.

“@KatyPerry #Roar at the top of charts. Westboro’s parody coming soon!” tweeted the group. The church has also picketed outside of Perry’s concerts in the past, deeming her a “f*g enabler” for her hit song “I Kissed a Girl” and vocal support for gay rights. Perry herself has not commented on the planned parody or any instances of the Westboro Baptist Church protests.

However, her ex-husband Russell Brand has even gone so far as to interview the church! He interviewed Westboro Baptist Church members last November on his FX show BrandX. They brought the entertainer one of their infamous signs, which featured a photo of Russell and the slogan “F** PIMP BRAND.” Despite the hostility, Russell’s comedic timing somehow managed to make the segment funny. “Now this, of course, is clearly meant to be offensive … and that’s not a very flattering photograph,” said Brand.

However, this is hardly the first time they have protested outside of a concert. The Westboro Baptist Church protested outside of Ke$ha’s show in Lincoln, Neb., singing a hateful parody song called “God Hates Who U R”, which mocks her hit single “We R Who We R.” But as the church sang, some of Ke$ha’s backup dancers put on some highly sexual choreography and danced along to the church’s protest. The video was posted to YouTube and quickly went viral.

Last July, the church also made headlines for protesting a One Direction concert in Kansas City, Miss., calling the group “sin-chasing, f*g-enabling, God-hating, Christ-rejecting and perverted.” Member Harry Styles took to Twitter afterwards and wrote: “Despite the company outside, I believe in equal rights for everyone. I think God loves all. Thanks for coming to the show though.”

And last September, the Westboro Baptist Church returned to Kansas City in order to protest outside of country singer Vince Gill’s show. The church objected to Gill’s divorce in 1998 and subsequent remarriage in 2000, accusing him of adultery. A video of Gill confronting the protesters outside of the show was posted to YouTube, in which he called one member a “big dip*hit” and argued with them about scripture.

Photo: Reuters.